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Dream It - Wish It - Live It

We at CaféBarResto live by these three statements, which we believe will allow you to chase your dream with the best possible results.
We are a consultancy company currently based in Pune, with the primary aim of helping you set up your own restaurant, café or lounge, right from square one.
Our passion is to help you realize your dream. We help entrepreneurs to set up their own food business using expert research and planning, working with you right from concept development to your business’s grand opening – and beyond.
Implementing functional solutions is what we are here for – be it in the initial phases of your business or the final stages. Working with us will not only allow you to dream big – it will help your dream come true.
The stages of Dreaming, Wishing and Living your goals are undertaken with proper guidance from our experts, who have vast experience in this sector.
One needs proper guidance and coaching to excel in any field – and if you dream of starting up a restaurant, café or bar, we are the team to guide you

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The café business is becoming a huge success in the Indian market, with many young entrepreneurs openingcafés or restaurants, or taking up a franchise.
Pune is not behind in this rat race, andyou can see cafés almost everywhere in the city.Again, most of these new cafés are opened by youngsters. In a recent survey, a fifth of those asked aspired to someday open a restaurant or start a café.
Nevertheless, starting up a restaurant, café or bar is not an easy task.Starting a restaurant is no mean feat: statistics show that nearly 60% of new restaurants fail within their first three years.There are many reasons new restaurants can fail – but it takes only one for a business to crumble.


Learn – Setup – Brand

We stand by the above words.Put simply, we teach aspiring entrepreneurs to set up their own café, bar or restaurant, from the very beginning to the very end.We act as a catalyst between you and your goal, helping you achieve it with speed and ease. We do this by providing services that are customized to your needs and wants.
We can help you realize your dream of owning afully-established catering business by providing you with a complete setup program that includes all technical and marketing aspects.

Technical support includes:



Food and beverages



Marketing support covers:

Marketing Research

Communication strategy

Media Planning

Campaign designs


This full-circle support system covers Pre-Planning as well as Post-Planning of your restaurant, café or bar.

Researching the Market

We help you realize your dream by first conducting expert research and analysis to enable you to make the best choices regarding your new business, including location, size, cuisine, and more.


We work with you to design any and all visuals required for the café/restaurant/bar. These are properly drafted in accordance to your wishes and the market standards.

Financial Modelling:

A complete financial assessment is provided to you by our experts,who have years of experience in the field. We ensure that all your hard-earned money is evenly distributed throughout your business and you are able to earn a return on your investment.


No business can be completed if you cannot deliver what you promised. Service plays a very important role in theHospitality sector.With good service comes great image, and image is everything in the catering world. We provide full service assistance that is required for running the café successfully.


Training plays an important role in setting up a business, if your employees aren’t well- trained you will always lag behind your competitors. We provide full training assistance to your staff, as per the industry standard.


This involves developing a complete marketing strategy in accordance to the need of your business, including creating brand awareness and brand identity. This done using Online and Offline Marketing strategies (examples include social media and leaflets).
It is an unfortunate truth that the majority of new food enterprises will inevitably fail to flourish. Proper branding and marketing will not only help your business create an identity but will also keep it in the news.

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