CaféBarResto Package Plan

New Business Services:

1)   Idea Generation / Concept Presentation
2)   Concept Design & Equipment Layout
3)   Equipment / Vendor Selection
4)   Financial Plan Management
5)   Menu Development
6)   Staff Recruitment & Training
7)   Marketing & Branding
8)   Business Startup Plan (Includes Services 1-7)

Existing Business Services:

1)   Basic Check-up
2)   Tune-up
3)   Strategic Plan
4)   Rebranding Plan

Idea Generation / Concept Presentation

This introductory service covers all aspects of your enterprise’s business plan,including background/target market research, S.W.O.T. analyses, and financial strategies (with estimated start-up and labor costs based on your individual business specifications).This service guides you through the conception of your business idea towards presenting it on paper as a fully-formed Business Plan, complete with thorough, individually-tailored market research and analysis. It also takes into account any Company Principles you may wish to work by. Target Market Analysis and S.W.O.T. Analysis for your business is discussed in-person or over the telephone.We present you with three different visual concept designs (which include detailed aspects such as color and ambience) based on your business proposal.

Concept Design & Equipment Layout

This service helps in creating the perfect physical layout foryour proposed business.The Design and Layout features will take care of any design aspect – visual design being an integral part of any Hospitality business. The plan involves any and all aspects of design and layout within your business from the floor plan, customer service and seating areas, to all elements of equipment display and storage. The plan ensures your business has a look which is unique and relevant to its personal style while maintaining supreme functionality and accessibility. Selection and specification of equipment will be amalgamated into this initial conceptual design at a later stage. You receive your own copies of any concept drawings in PDF files. You are invited to choose between two different service options to suit your business needs: receiving only drawings, or a more extensive service which features detailed designs including drawings and blueprints.

Equipment / Vendor Selection

This service is also malleable to fit the needs of your business. You can choose to receive help regarding equipment selection, vendor selection or both. Equipment selection covers the number and type of machines your business will require. Vendor selection includes packaging choices that can then be modified with your own individually-crafted logo and business designs.
Liaising with you, we determine the specific requirements for products, equipment and goods your business needs, as fitting its layout, environment and price range. Contact with various relevant vendors will be arranged for you, and we will support you in the process of choosing and working with your future vendors to make sure you have all the knowledge you need to make the right decisions regarding equipment for your business. All the vendors and products recommended by usare regularly vetted to ensure they are up to date and meet the latest safety standards.
This service features an optional extra of connecting you to suitable legal authorities and licensing agencies who are responsible for organising liquor and food licenses (which are a legal necessity for opening any food service business) as per your individual business requirements.

Financial Plan Management

Financial Plan Management begins with a pre-plan stage that evaluates the number of staff, machinery and other goods your business will need depending on its location and other start-up factors, identifying the cost that will be required for setting up your business.
Your business finances will be evaluated by identifying your business’s profit centers and accurately judging your business’s individual needs in the market.The service evaluates start-up costs, labor costs, design and layout costs, vendor selection costs and marketing and the branding costs, as well as profit and loss projections – all of which are specific to your individual business.
After your business is up and running, the Financial Management support continues with a three year plan which projects your net profit and budget requirements as your business progresses into the future.

Menu Development

This service deals with every aspect of menu development, from product range to price range to the design of the menus themselves. We work with you to choose appropriate menu items for your business and cost them effectively so that you are able to make a profit whilst still maintaining a competitive price range for your customers that will allow your business to flourish. We also help you with the design and layout of the menu, categorising the products effectively and producing an attractive layout. Prices for products are initially projected during the planning stages and then adapted and finalised as necessary during the final stages of production.
We offer three menu options to choose from, depending on your type of establishment: aCafé style menu, incorporating beverages, coffee, and snacks; a Bar/Lounge/Pub menu, featuring liquor, cocktails and food; and a Restaurant menu, which incorporates specialty foods particular to your restaurant’s style (Italian, Mexican, Indian, etc.).

Staff Recruitment & Training

Staff that are reliable, great with customers and of course highly trained are imperative to business success. Without the right people, no business can progress. This service provides you with expert trainers who will help you to recruit and train a superior group of employees who will do your business proud. We provide on-site training in your establishment that will teach staff members technical skills and techniques relevant to your needs that will make your business stand out from the competition and cement it as a customer favourite.
We can provide you with an entire staff – composing of chefs, waiting staff and laborers – or select numbers of any type of these employees as per your requirements (e.g. only waiting staff).

Marketing & Branding

This service deals with marketing elements that are required after the business is set up. Features include Website Development, Digital Marketing, and Brand Communication. Our team works with you before your business is set up to determine your needs: naming, marketing, building a website, creating a Facebook page, and setting up offline marketing such as flyers and posters.We provide you with experts who will deliver a superior product or experience that works with your business’s style and beliefs. We understand that marketing and branding are imperative to giving new businesses a flying start and allowing them to make their mark in the industry – and we also know that they are important tools for ongoing business success. Because of this our Marketing and Branding services extend beyond the business’s opening, after you have successfully set up your business, we will put you in touch with companies that will further your marketing successes on social media and other platforms.

Business Start-up Plan

This comprehensive business start-up plan, comprising of modules 1 – 7, covers all aspects of setting up your new business.

Existing Business Services

Basic Check-up

The Basic Check-up analyses your business and then, depending on the analysis report,CaféBarResto and you can work together to decide which out of the above seven services will be most appropriate in helping your company move forward.


This plan works to present existing businesses with a new business plan that will help them move past any existing problems that have occurred in the business. A complete solution will be given to the clients depending upon their specific problems.

Strategic Plan

This is a more in-depth option which defines an ongoing strategy to benefit a business. The strategy is implemented by defining the client’s goals and studying the profit centers of the business.

Rebranding Plan

Branding and/or rebranding any business is a huge task. Ouradvisors understand this can be a make-or-break situation for a business, and so our professionally-trained advisors will take complete care of the Rebranding Plan.

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